A SCP Football Development Project


The SPORTING CP SOCCER ACADEMIES (SSA) are the latest soccer development project of the SCP. Despite its short history - created in 2006 - the 6000 youngsters who attend the 27 Soccer Academies spread around Portugal and the world, reflect the projects success.

The management model of project SSA, it is quite revealing of the commitment and importance that the Sporting assigns to it, since there is an internal coordinator structure, operating daily to support its partners, consisting of: a General Coordinator, Administrative Coordinator, Marketing and Communication Manager and a Technical Team composed by four Coordinators, which is responsible for Technical Certification of all coaches of the SSA and for all the support in this area.

At the heart of the SSA project, indeed at the very heart of the centenary tradition of SCP, is the development of fantastic football players and teachings, ne-tuned over years, of technical excellence in order to provide young girls and boys, from the age of 5 to 18, with a soccer learning experience, as part of an integrated concept which harmonizes excellent facilities, the quality of the people involved and a fun, but rigorous concept, dedicated to a pedagogical style, making the most of the childrens free time.

The transfer of SCPs know-how to various focal points around the world allows every youngster to live their dream and to dress the shirt of a club that is one of the worlds references for football development; the club which became the first and only to develop two FIFA World Player of the Year winners: Lus Figo and Cristiano Ronaldo (three times).

The project had its beginning in September 2006 in Portugal with 4 schools (Alta de Lisboa, CIF/Restelo, Corroios and Setbal) with a mass membership, approximately 1300 players that concluded the season.

In the 2nd, 3rd and 4th seasons, the objectives were a sustained growth currently 27 from north to south of Portugal, and more at international level where South Africa stands out.

The recognized know-how in development soccer players has served as a basis for the development of all sports-oriented commercial projects of the Sporting Academy, with natural highlights to the SSA, the Training Camps (e.g.: Sports Vacation, Tactical and technical improvement Internships) and the Match Day Program (for companies).

Fulfilling the vision of "be recognized as a world leader in football training", and while these projects perfectly tested and solidified at the national level, the Sporting Academy is currently ready for, on the one hand, responding to numerous requests we have received at international level and, on the other, seek proactively and according to their sports-strategic interests, the bigger potential markets can present for the continuation of projects of this nature.

It was in this context that in 2015 were laid the foundations for the creation of the Sporting C.P. Soccer Academy / Rustenburg, which is the first real experience in the internationalization of Sporting Academies in South Africa. Later.. Johannesburg, Nelspruit, Pretoria , and Centurion.